Lake Tahoe 2007
View from our cabin
The people who have betrayed me in the past are circling around me now. They are sensing my weaknesses and looking for chinks in my armor. This is usually my children, who are innocent and open hearted, and raised by me to be tolerant and kind.

And, I have handed them over, my angels, because who am I to come between my children and the people who are supposed to love them? But no more.

There are no words to describe this feeling, but it feels like walking the darkest road, no longer hopeful for even a headlight in the distance, but as you walk alone you find yourself, and that is completely fine, it is even better than fine. 

Love and blessings to all. 

1 thought on “Betrayal 

  1. You are strong. You are amazing. You are loved by many. Your wisdom continues guide you. Your experience is gut wrenching hard. Again and again.
    Separation is OK. Love you so very much – Susie


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