Broken Bones

Two days ago, I slid off a rock at the beach, and broke my wrist. I then proceeded to do exactly what I did at eleven, I spent the day pretending I wasn’t hurt, when I really was.

The next morning, my arm was black and blue. I calmly had my coffee, but knew I had more than just a minor problem with my wrist. But, now my outside nicely matched my inside.

I was hurt on the inside and I was black and blue and broken, on the outside as well.

The three of us went to the Truckee emergency room, where I had an X-ray, and the worst was confirmed.

It felt strange to be the patient after years of sports injuries and the broken bones of my own children. My daughters have been very kind to me, opening my doors, driving me around, getting me ice, and Advil.

I read somewhere, we need to be good receivers of love, and it’s hard to do sometimes, especially for mothers. It took some doing for me to allow my children to hover over me and my broken wrist.

Accepting love, can maybe finally allow me to heal. Not just my wrist, but all of it.

As we always do in Tahoe, we’ve spent a great deal of time together. It resets our relationships to be together here. The drive up, watching a half dozen movies, having dinner, and hiking the winding trails down to the lake. And on this visit, we had a two hour trip to the E.R., the three of us.

These experiences when shared, draw us closer together, and serve to remove the gaps, of anything, or anyone, that has come between us.

And together, we were able to solve the dilemma of the ashes.

We’re going to fill the cabin up with friends, take a picnic, the beach chairs and umbrellas, and the paddle boards and spend the day at Speedboat Beach on Lake Tahoe.

After, we’ll have our typical pulled pork sandwich and mac and cheese dinner party at our cabin, where we can’t remember how many people we’ve invited, but everyone shows up with their kids, dogs, more food, and more wine.

We’ll stay up late playing poker, and use M&M’s for money, listen to music, and drink Makers Mark.

Then, we’ll spread his ashes, and say goodbye.

Love and blessings to all.

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