Love & Ocean SF

My business partner Andrew wearing our Ocean SF Love shirt

Our beautiful company Ocean SF is coming together. And a recent addition is Debra my best friend from college. She’s the perfect person for the job, because no one is better at sales than Deb, and if I could I would give her the world to join us, but luckily she’s willing to work for equity. 

At dinner last night with the kids, we talked about working with friends and my daughter said, she thought it was great because the company would be made of people who love each other, and this is what she believes makes a company successful, the love.

At first, I found this perspective marvelous, but untrue, but after sleeping on it, I now agree. 

What could be better than a company comprised of smart, talented people you love? Well, frankly nothing. Plus, we’ve already made the shirts.

Love and blessings to all.

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