Thursday Was Not Better & Friday Was Worse

It’s been an emotional week. It wasn’t what I would have expected, but I am dealing with one thing at a time.

I shed a lot of tears on Thursday, the bulk of which were shed on the shuttle to Range Rover to pick up my truck that was being serviced.

Luckily, I have close friends, and I had Gina on the phone and Deb on hold, as I recounted the events of recent days while crying. However, I had to hang up, dry my tears, and answer the door for the shuttle driver.

Then, I burst into tears, when the driver asked about my husband’s Porsche parked in the drive way.  

The poor man tried to change the subject and asked how I broke my arm, and I started to cry again.

Let’s be clear, it’s fine to cry, so I did. 

Then there was Friday…

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