The Many Forms of Love

Over the last days, I’ve been thinking about what I want to write about moving forward. 

Yesterday, after one year of grieving, I put my husband to rest, and it is very much time for me to move on. I believe to dwell on anything is unhealthy, and this sad chapter is especially so. 

I know I want to write about building my company, Ocean SF with my team, and the work our nonprofit The Trident Project will do, but I woke this morning, thinking I would like to write about love.

Love comes in many forms, and over this past year, no one has been the recipient of more love then myself, and my family. 

Thank you to my dear friends Debra, Rosalee, Gina, Christina, Denise, Susan, Melissa, Tonya, Maureen, Kim and Sue for supporting me through this difficult year. 

Thank you to my husband’s best friends Dan, Chris, and Jeff for being there for the girls every step of the way.  

And to Austin Clark and the Clark family, and the families of my daughter’s friends, particularly the Melohn and the Hoover families who have helped in so many ways and taken such good care of my children. 

Thank you to my Ocean SF team, Andrew, Mike, Craig, and Seth for helping to lay the foundation for our company over the last year and a half. And to Tom Dryjax who shared his passion for the sea with me, and taught me to sail, and introduced me to Andrew. 

Thank you to my Auntie Pat and Auntie Deb for sharing their wisdom and always being a phone call away.

Thank you to my community, neighbors and friends of many years who are always there for me Julie, Kim and Sandy. And especially, Tina, David, and, Toes and Eden, the dogs I walk twice a week. 

Thank you to my friend Jeff Withoft who held my hand through everything, but has now flown off to foreign lands to find his own treasure like the protagonist in the Alchemist.

Thank you to anyone I might have missed, and to all of the people who read my words and comment and message me. I am so appreciative of your prayers, good wishes, and support.

Love and blessings to all. 

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