Being A Martyr Is A Bad Idea

Due to circumstances, I’ve had to allow other people to help me, as a strong and independent person, I dispised even the idea of help. I equated this with helplessness and weakness. 

Even when I had a baby, I hired paid help, as I felt it would be easier to have someone come and cook and clean for me that I could pay and manage, than to rely on family or anyone else. 

My experiences with family had hardened my heart to believing that anyone could actually be counted on. If they refuse to buy food when you are their houseguest with small children, or forget to pick you up from the airport after your husband’s just died, or you’ve flown across the country to see them, then they most likely, won’t be much help when you are at your most vulnerable. 

However, this last year I’ve learned there are people I can count on, and who will be there for me, and do not cause nonstop drama in my life because they have nothing better to do. 

It’s the circle again, I support and love other people and they do the same for me. 

My inner circle is very exclusive now, and full of only people who bring me peace, happiness and joy.  

This makes for a strong foundation and, a happy future. 

Love and blessings to all. 

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