Another Soft Landing 

Andrew and our boat Solana

Andrew, Tom and Solana

Someday, I hope to be slightly bored, or at the very least have nothing significant happen on a daily basis. This is, however, unlikely, and probably a good thing.

The day after, San Diego, and a very competitive, and just shy of brutal, few days of soccer, I came home and threw the sails for our sailboat, Solana, in my truck, and headed back to the Marina for the “splash,” again.

Between all of this, Andrew and I are running our company. We are busy issuing stock options to our employees, chasing venture capital, making new prototypes for the Big Boat series of races, and a million other things.

On a sunny Monday, after ten years of being dry docked, our boat successfully dropped into the water, it was a soft landing this time, and we put up the sails and sailed away.

At the Berkeley Yacht Club, the three of us, sat below and drank champagne.

It was a very sweet moment. Now, I’m headed back to Tahoe, and the next thing.

Love and blessings to all.

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