More Dramatic Weather

I’m in Tahoe again, but this time with just my oldest daughter. It’s been a luxury to have this time, just the two of us. We’ve made some happy memories too. 

There was another storm last night that lit our bedrooms with lighting followed by clapping thunder that shook our house. 

Our dog Polly was so terrified, even at 70 lbs., she was shaking, and trying to crawl into my lap.  The thunder and lightning was followed by a half hour hail storm that was so extreme the balls of ice bounced into the house from the open French doors. 

I love dramatic weather, so I enjoyed being awake with my daughter at 3 a.m. watching the hail fall out of the blackened sky from the open doorway. 

I’m the sort of person now, who allows the storms to pass over me. 

As I stood in the doorway last night looking up to the sky, I wondered with amusement, what might happen next. 

Whatever that might be, I have a feeling it will be good.

Love and blessings to all. 

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