Meant To Be

Slip 212
Everything happens for a reason some people say, others say we make everything happen, and those that remain say, it’s all random and we have no control over anything.

On different days, I can adopt any one of these philosophies, and each appears to be true.

Lately however, I’ve noticed a pattern to the events of life, and even my daughter has noticed. She came home with an entire string of what she called synergies and coincidences. She laid out a very similar set of incidents that occurred for her and have occurred for her sister at the exact same point of time. 

Recently, I spent a fair amount of time with Andrew trying to get our boat off the guest dock and into the harbor. Once the paperwork was complete, I headed home to pack up and leave for Tahoe, but in the end decided to leave the next day. 

What made my intuition tell me to leave the next day? I don’t know, only it was meant to be somehow.

Early the following morning, I got the call from the harbor telling me I had to sign everything in person with a photo ID, although I thought we had already done this. 

Luckily, I was available, and still in the Bay Area, because it made for a much less frantic and stressful move into slip 212, next to the neighboring boat ironically named, “Surprise.”

However, in addition to more boat drama and mishaps, the night before turned out to be full of meaningful coincidences, or as my daughter called them synergies.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last two weeks wondering why everything happened as it did, not just with the boat, but with everything.

Some people cut their losses without looking back, but others look for the lesson in situations, and seek meaning in the events of their lives and the people that come into them. I am obviously, in the later category.

I’m very close to being out of the woods now, as my close friend Jennifer would often say. My kids are happy and healthy, my daughter is off to college, my company is launched, my boat is in the water, and my finances are in order. 

It’s nice to be able to reflect from this place of safety knowing the life I’ve been working toward has arrived. I’m grateful to be here, the last few years have strengthened me in ways I couldn’t have foreseen, my hope is that there will be easier ways to learn life’s lessons in the future. 

Love and blessings to all.

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