No Longer Wishing For Things To Be Different 

Starting over for me has been about forgiveness and acceptance. I don’t know why the cards were dealt the way they were. I could never have foreseen that my life would turn out this way. It has certainly been a plot twist, to say the least, however, I now no longer wish for things to be different. 

I am thankful for the lessons that have deepened my faith and required my upmost patience, while strengthening my character, and making me a stronger and more capable mother and role model for my children. 

To remain kind and hopeful in the face of adversity is truly a test of one’s character. I’m happy to be through this first year, and enjoying these last days of summer. 

I’m looking forward to watching my older daughter grow through her experiences during her first year of college, and in her absence, spending one-on-one time with my little one, who is so funny and filled with joy. 

Love and blessings to all. 

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