The Normal World

The eclipse is over, my daughter started her third year of high school, I’m packing my eldest daughter up for college and I’m busy resolving the last things from the death of my husband, all while moving my sailing apparel brand Ocean SF forward. Yes, we are selling our signature jackets. Get yours at

After my husband died, I longed to be bored and not have to deal day after day with death, and the unforeseen consequences of other people’s actions. 

As a result, I came to cherish and long for the mundane everyday problems of a normal life. This past year, I went from one crisis to the next. Now, I’ve finally returned to a life of normal problems. 

Yesterday, I woke to a warm refrigerator, this has been going on for a while, and I’ve had it repaired too many times to mention. So, yesterday I bought a new one. It’s the LG with the exterior glass door for drinks. You can knock on the glass door and the light goes on so you can see inside. It’s quiet and energy efficient.

It arrives Friday, and I can’t wait to organize the mustards and arrange the drinks. 

Love and blessings to all. 

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