Natural Disasters & Windsurfing 

​On Saturday, I was asked to be on the Race Committee Boat for the Cal Cup Windsurfing Race in the San Francisco Bay. 

With so much sadness going on the world, fires destroying the beloved Columbia Gorge outside of Portland, in Oregon where I grew up, floods in Texas, and massive hurricanes along the Florida Coast, it felt strange to focus on windsurfing, especially since the Columbia Gorge, is a major destination for the sport.

But, nevertheless, there I was, watching this beautiful spectacle on the Bay all afternoon, and spending time with people from all over the world, and women who have raced to Hawaii a dozen times, and across every major passage.

Once again, life continues to surprise with its many twists and turns. I sat on the bow of the Commadore’s boat, with the “P” flag, praying for all of those in peril, and at the same time, counting my own blessings; to be alive in the world, healthy, and surrounded by so much beauty. 

Love and blessings to all.

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