Ocean SF, Language Arts and the Side Hustle

Me and Chazz

My company Ocean SF was funded by a private angel investor last August. Because of the funding I was able to start over and build a strong foundation for the future of Ocean SF. I have a new factory in San Francisco and a local team that I am developing with. Things are moving steadily along.

In the fall I reorganized my life so I could focus more seriously on Ocean SF. Having three or four side hustles has been reduced to two. I’m now teaching language arts at the Learning Space in Lafayette. I earned my Adult Education Certification while teaching International students at UC Berkeley. Working with kids allows me to use the skills I learned at UC Berkeley and during my years of tutoring reading and teaching fifth grade literacy classes when my kids were young. I am also a certified ski instructor and taught hundreds of kids to ski at The Northstar Resort Ski School in Tahoe.

This work keeps me close to home and the things I love. My boss at the Learning Center, Sabrina is so talented and I’ve learned so much from her. No one is more passionate and committed to their work. Once again, it’s been wonderful to support another hard working entrepreneur. I also love the kids. I have fifteen students now and seeing them make steady progress and sometimes large leaps in their reading and writing skills has been incredibly rewarding.

I’m still working with Treasure Festival, and am looking forward to catching up with my friends there at the end of the month. I committed to my boss Chazz that I would stay and help him for an entire year. It’s helped me more than anyone though, because it gives me a bench mark for my own progress. I was an entirely different person when I started my first side hustle that billowy day last April. It forced me to step out of my comfort zone and as a result I’ve grown a great deal.

Dedication, hard work and steady progress have been the hallmarks of this past year.

Love and blessings to all.

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