Fear, Selling & Transformation

Newport Beach Trade Show

I’ve always feared selling. I’m the sort of person that hates to ask other people for anything. Even as a kid I despised selling Girl Scout cookies and would dread going door to door, or even worse standing outside a grocery store approaching shoppers. These encounters made me cringe.

When I started my company I didn’t see myself as the lead sales person, but I quickly began to realize I’m the logical choice and I’ve stepped into that role. I’ve had to teach myself over and over in the recent past to get out of my comfort zone. After my husband died I simply had no choice.

For many years I lived a predictable life. I took my kids to school and drove my Mercedes to the Country Club for tennis. The days and weeks and months had a rhythm and pace. I thought that this would go on forever with only slight variations and had no reason to suspect otherwise.

Last week I manned my booth at the Newport Beach Boat Show. I talked to my customers and sold my products. I spent time with my daughter, met a ton of people, and got some amazing feedback.

Because of my circumstances, I’ve been forced to grow as a person in ways I never dreamed possible. It’s made me a warrior and for that I am grateful, but more importantly it’s taught me that I can learn new things and transform. I now have proof of this, so I no longer fear change or trying new things. I can decide to be a kick ass sales person and then teach myself to be just that. I can decide to be anything I want to be and that feels really good.

Love and blessings to all.

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