Yacht Races, Women & Inspiration

Shark On Bluegrass

One of the things that I love doing is serving on the Race Committee for my yacht club in the San Francisco Bay.

There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting on a sailboat waiting for the races to start and having the sailboats buzz by you. The captains and crews are exceptionally skilled and confident. They come within inches of each other without colliding as they position themselves for the start of the race. Having a front row seat for the beginning and ending of each race is a privilege that I do not take lightly.

Yesterday, I was recording the race details. I sat quietly concentrating as the times were called out to me. I recorded them neatly in military time on my Yacht Race Association (YRA) recording sheet. In between races I spend time listening to the Race Committee recount tales of their many Pacific crossings and all of the things that have happened in their years of yacht racing. To say yacht racing is dangerous is an understatement.

I’ve been a member of the Race Committee for several years now. During this time I’ve met some interesting people to say the least, but at the top of that list are Bobbi and Betty. I will write more about them in the future, but for now, I simply wish to say that they inspire me, not as a sailor, but as a woman. They have shown me what I can do with my life as I move into my next chapter. They are funny and have many amazing stories to share, but what is really remarkable is how happy, involved and vibrant they are.

In between my Race Committee duties I look out on the blue horizon which is ever changing. The beauty of the sky and water is like a dream. I watch as the boat Shark On Bluegrass appears from the fog to come in for the finish and think how grateful I am to be here.

Love and blessings to all.

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