No Interruptions

Aside from wild fires, wind storms, earth quakes & power outages my two months of empty nesting has been tranquil and productive.

I’ve been working diligently on certifications for my sustainable sailing apparel line. The requirements are arduous, but luckily my fabrics are Bluesign certified already, and I produce in San Francisco. Yes, San Fransisco. Gaining certification by Remake, Good On You and Bluesign will add another brick to the foundation I am diligently building for my company Ocean SF to be a strong ethical and sustainable outdoor brand.

With long stretches of uninterrupted time I am able to set the plans I’ve made over the past year into motion. My adorable daughters are no longer roaming the halls looking for me, asking me questions, or requiring my help in the millions of ways that are unique to mothers and their children. A friend of mine was on a business trip in Europe when her son called asking her for help. She patiently directed him to his father who was in the next room. Need I say more?

However, I do welcome their many phone calls, text messages, snapchats and I especially love FaceTime. This morning I walked to class with my daughter on FaceTime. She was wearing my scarf as a headband and a periwinkle linen shirt I gave to her before she left for college. I could see the blue sky with puffy white clouds above her and the creamy stucco buildings with their red tiled roofs as she passed. I’ve always loved technology and I feel particularly grateful to have these tools and modes of communication.

My daughters will soon be home for break. Of course, I will be available for family time and celebrating the holiday, but I will spend business hours locked in my office with a sign on my door that reads, “No Interruptions.”

Love and blessings to all.

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