Let’s Talk Clothes

The other day I ventured out on a shopping expedition. Many of the stores were to capacity with only four-six shoppers. Urban Outfitters had a line snaking around the block. People stood in the hot sun in their surgical masks waiting patiently. Surreal.

I have many birthdays to shop for in June, but typically only shop for myself when I’m out shopping for others. I’ve also been reinventing Ocean SF for the future, so I was very interested to see what was displayed and what was selling. A quick trip through Zara proved that polyester and over seas factories still reign supreme. The clothes are gorgeous though and I understand the attraction. They are beginning to use recycled plastics which is an improvement. Even so, I walked away from swathing myself and my loved ones in long skirts made of petroleum, although it was tempting. Their clothes are affordable and contemporary, but the price environmentally is way too high.

Polyester Skirt $49

On this shopping exhibition I ventured into J. Crew. I bought a beautiful silk blouse with a lion print, a cotton eyelet dress and two pairs of beautiful suede leather shoes made by hand in Morocco. These are classic pieces and I know they will also fit my daughters and we will all wear them. My closet is like a lending library where my girls check out a piece of clothing and return it to its original place. They’ve been great about this, so I typically don’t mind, although it would be nice to not share my clothes, but from an environmental standpoint it’s the right thing to do,

At home, I’ve taken my summer clothes out of storage. The Bay Area climate allows for a mostly non seasonal wardrobe, so these clothes are mostly white jeans and pants, shorts and a ton of dresses. Honestly, my down jackets are worn as much in the summer as winter here, as well as most of my sweaters. I have a good deal of vintage clothing and as the years pass I’ve accumulated quite a collection of everything from belts to evening wear. As we are in Covid SIP I’m not sure how much of any of this I will wear this summer. So far I’m wearing sweats, loafers and cotton sweaters layered over tanks and long sleeve t-shirts. I have sweats for working in the yard and nicer sweats for later in the day. Naturally, I want to make sweats for Ocean SF.

It felt good to buy something to contribute to the economy, and add something beautiful to my closet.

Love and blessings to all.

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