Velour & The Canadian Whisky Maker

When I worked at the distillery on Treasure Island a few summers ago, my favorite Whiskey maker showed up in purple valour pants with ribbing at the ankle, layered with a few monochromatic jackets. This person on all levels was very charismatic, but I was really captured by his pants and the juxtaposition of someone so masculine wearing such a whimsical garmet. Obviously, he had no trouble pulling it off, but now as I design my Ocean SF line I see my men’s line full of this wonderful fabric.

The male sailors in my circle would likely not wear purple, but who knows? However, I can very clearly see them wearing this luxurious fabric in navy, grey and black? It’s durable, ridiculously comfortable and made of innovative and at the same time sustainable materials. I’ve found it in cotton, bamboo and alpaca. I do love this rich citrus for both men and women sewn into joggers and drawstring shorts. How comfortable would that be with a thick cotton tee and an Ocean SF Signature jacket?

These are the colors for fall.

Love & Blessings.


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