Fashion Interview Series Invite & Ocean SF

San Francisco, California
New and Emerging Designers Showcase

I was minding my own business the other day when I got a message from the director of Fashion Community Week in San Francisco. I was sitting at my desk when the message asking if I would like to be part of their Fashion Interview Series came through. Of course I dropped everything I was doing and immediately responded in the affirmative.

This time last year I was chosen to be one of the New and Emerging Designers showcased during Fashion Week in San Francisco. It was an honor to meet so many amazing people and to see my designs walk down the runway. Seeing Ocean SF come to life in this incredible setting was truly inspiring. I spent the months following working on my sustainable and ethical certifications, building my vintage Ocean SF store, and working with where Ocean SF is featured as a preferred sustainable brand.

As founder and CEO of Ocean SF I have the privilege of joining forces with other environmentally conscious leaders who care about the development of sustainable products and ethical practices. I make outdoor sportswear in San Francisco for adventure sports like sailing and skiing. My brand addresses the need for sustainable clothing that is ethically produced and made of natural cutting edge and award winning fabrics. Prior to starting Ocean SF in 2016 I spent most of my career in corporate marketing of technology and banking products at blue chip companies like AT&T, Bank of the West, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. While raising a family I worked as a consultant for technology startups like Pagoo (Telephony), Octive (Music software) and Previously Owned By A Gay Man an online furniture retailer.

In addition to running Ocean SF I currently teach leadership at UC Berkeley. I also write a popular lifestyle blog read in 72 countries around the world ( I have published three books all available on Amazon.

My past positions include Business Analyst at Bank of The West/BNP Paribus (2013), Consultant at Wells Fargo (2006-2007), Director of Marketing at Octiv (music equalizing software), Marketing Consultant at Pagoo, Director of Marketing at Pacific Bell Mobile/AT&T, and five years as a Systems Analyst and Product Manager at Bank of America.

Throughout my career I’ve learned the many skills necessary to be the CEO and designer that I need to be in this moment. As the retail market changes Ocean SF is well positioned to be the new and fresh brand the sportswear industry needs right now. I am working on my Fall/Winter line full of bright colors and sustainable fabrics made of bamboo and light jersey wools.

In the Fashion Interview Series I’m excited to share my thoughts on where the apparel market is going and the impact of COVID-19 on the buying habits of consumers. I will post dates and times when I have them.

Love and blessings to all.

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