Girls in Leadership

Women in Leadership – Amelia Earhart

I will be teaching a girls leadership class starting in April at the Lafayette Library

We must begin to educate our girls on how to be leaders. I can not stress this enough. We must teach them to advocate for themselves. I was talking to the former CTO for Ebay and he said the men were so aggressive about asking for pay raises, bonuses and promotions and he heard almost nothing from the women! We must start early!

As most of you know, I teach a leadership class at UC Berkeley called Effective Leadership and Management. What I have learned is that women are dropping out of leadership roles at an alarming rate. Women in professional leadership roles have been declining over the past decade. Why? There are many factors including: lack of inclusion, sexism, slow advancement, and so on. However, what is clear is that we need to begin developing women leaders in their youth.Classes will introduce girls to women leaders like

Jane Goodall, Maya Angelou, Marie Curie and Amelia Earhart to name a few. I will also introduce the work of modern thought leaders and philosophers on leadership.My program is designed to teach girls that they can become a self appointed leader wherever they are. Becoming comfortable as a leader at a young age will create confident and inspiring female leaders in the future.

Spring Programs:

6 Week Leadership Development Program:

Classes: Tuesdays April 12th through May 17th at the Lafayette Library ($200 for 6 weeks). 3rd-5th 3:30-4:45 pm and 6th-8th 4:45-6:00 pm. Includes: materials and snacks.

Leadership Development Workshop:

Workshop: April 23rd 10-12 pm at the Lafayette Library ($60). Includes materials and snacks. Girls ages 8-18, breakout groups by age.

Please contact me here to sign up with your daughters: grade, age, and school, and pay via Venmo @sydney-chaney-thomas. 

I look forward to teaching your daughters to be great leaders. Please contact me here personally with questions or concerns. Have a wonderful day and rest of the weekend.

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