Fear, Next Chapters & Change

Siena, Sydney & Paris

Over the past several months I have been working out the details and executing on what will be my next chapter. Since the death of my husband five years ago I have been strategically planning the next ten years. I have recently been doing more one on one leadership coaching and can not over emphasis the value of planning. I have been mapping out my life: get my daughters through college, stay in my home, keep my Tahoe home, continue with Ocean SF no matter what, teach and consult and so on. I am proud to say I have accomplished all of this and more.

“I can not over emphasis the value of planning.”

We are currently renting our creekside five bedroom home in Moraga beginning June 1st and moving to San Francisco. I will be teaching in person at UC Berkeley’s Financial District Campus on Spear Street. I will be teaching two classes Effective Leadership, and Essentials of Business. I will also continue to consult with clients, and run OCEAN SF my C corporation with the part time help of my daughters, and my interns. Ocean SF is a sustainable sailing apparel company with a focus on mid-layer products made of Merino Wool and 100% organic cotton. This program will help to drive our values of sustainably and ethically manufactured clothing.

My older daughter Paris will be working for a tech company and my younger daughter, Siena will be doing a marketing internship both in San Fransisco. They will continue part time to support Ocean SF and our interns.

I feel like all of this is full circle. I moved from my Russian Hill neighborhood in San Francisco where I worked as a Product Manager on Market Street to the suburbs where I raised my children. Now, I take the same route in reverse. I am excited to add more corporate coaching clients, teach leadership and business and grow Ocean SF who will be seeking A round funding in September. When I was young and heard the adage, “do work that you love and you will never work a day in your life,” I took it to heart. I love what I do and never tire of helping people learn and grow professionally, while saving the world from fast fashion. I do not have an off switch on these topics and the lines between work and play are always happily blurred.

Am I nervous? Yes. Does change scare me? Yes. However, being stagnant, living in fear and lacking courage to grow and change scares me even more. So, I welcome these changes and I am thankful and grateful to have opportunities to use my talents and skills. I am also especially grateful for the adaptability of my hardworking daughters who work with me every day to make our lives better, calmer, sweeter, and more impactful.

Please share this news with families looking to rent in Moraga (12 month lease) or Tahoe (available for ski lease). For my intern program I currently have 3 interns and will take just 3 more please let me know if you know anyone who would be interested.

Love and Blessings,


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