We own a beautiful house in Tahoe, it’s 2,450 square feet and built by a builder out of Santa Cruz, the ceilings are solid cedar and the cabinets were lovingly handmade of alder by his best friend, the counters are hand polished black local granite and the floors solid cherrywood and heated by copper.  

We call it the cabin, but it is much more than that.  All of the windows are made by hand in the Sierras of solid wood. The craftsmanship alone is exquisite, and we hired a decorator and she made the home beautiful.

The house looks over the Martis Valley and Northstar ski resort. We can see the snow cats at night, but mostly it is silent here.  The walls are 12 inches wide by law in the Tahoe basin, so with the silent radiant heating system and twelve inch walls and double paned windows a person could sleep through an intense snow storm and wake to six feet of snow. I’ve done this in Truckee and in life metaphorically, but that is another post…

Since the sudden death of my husband in July, I go there as much as I can.  Tahoe can be very healing and is known as a spiritual place.  It is also the scene of our happiest memories making it a mixed blessing to be there.

As many of my close friends know, the last few years were not the best, but it is still important to remember the good times, and they were spent there, so being there is intense and bitter sweet to say the least.

Recently, I was there with my sailing friend and business partner Andrew Lacenere and his girlfriend Lara, and they offered to cook my daughter and I dinner.

We sat in the kitchen and drank Italian wine and they made us the most beautiful eggplant parmigiana (Andrew holds an Italian passport), and I realized this is the new normal. 

The sky was inky black and I walked Polly beneath the stars and could hear the music playing and Siena and Lara laughing…

I can see this is my future, and regardless of the past, I am blessed by my dear friends, my children, a warm fire, music, good food, and the star filled sky that never changes. 

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