Deeply & With Care

My close friends can attest to the fact that I am often hired for positions in which I am spectacularly unqualified.  When I was just out of college, I went from a temporary assignment as a Kelly Girl, answering phones and typing memos for a Senior Vice President, to a Systems Analyst.  Of course, I was rewriting all of the memos and then writing reports and what not, but mostly I was networking, if you want to call sharing an addiction networking, while smoking on the 13th floor patio of Bank of America Corporate on Market Street in San Francisco. Because of this, I was able to find out anything I needed to know about banking, and what I could do to move my projects forward.

Because of my attachment to my Dunhill cigarettes which I acquired while traveling through Europe one summer, I was friends with people from the mail room on up.  I had access to everyone from legal council to forms management.  I didn’t have to schedule meetings to find out if engineering could fix the glitch in our secondary marketing amortized loan amount calculation.   So, I went from a temp to a Director of Marketing in under five years.   As I climbed the corporate ladder I would often tell myself that I needed to go into things deeply and with care.

And because of this silent motto I learned the finite details of my positions, I concentrated on my responsibilities both large and small, and I worked very hard to not disappoint the many people who believed in me and had given me a chance to succeed.

As I embark on building a clothing line, I am reminded of this simple motto as I set up bank accounts, the LLC, apply for brand trademarks, and handle what will be the financials.  I am learning as I go, of course, but I do so with great care.

Today, I am meeting with my new accountant.  Her name is Joy.  I think this is a wonderful omen.  As much as I don’t love this part of the process, I am excited to begin again, and to once more, go into things, deeply and with care.




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