Flow, Routines & The Berkeley Yacht Club

Berkeley Marina Friday Night Races

I’ve not spent much time at the yacht club since my husband died, although I’m still a member, I generally go there during the day only as a place to have meetings.  I’ve spent most of my evenings at home with and/or waiting for my kids. 

I’ve not set foot on a boat since the day before my husband died last summer.  On that day, I was on the Race Committee boat with my friend Hans.   It had been a particularly beautiful and carefree summer day, and then the next day, my life exploded into a million pieces. 

Last night, I went there for the Friday night boat races and to meet up with some friends, including my favorite sailing buddy, Rosemarie.  And of course, I brought my bunny Buttercup. It felt remarkable to return to the natural flow of my life. 

I had forgotten how important it is to have fun. I sat at the bar and had a most excellent Manhattan and caught up with old friends. I even made some new friends, ironically, they were all scientists named Tim (three of them) and their brilliant coworker Heather. And it was fun. 

The Berkeley Yacht Club has such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and what a blessing friends are.  I feel thankful and blessed this Easter weekend for the luxury of returning to my routines and the very rich and full life I have.  

Happy Easter, love and blessings to all. 

Berkeley Yacht Club

1 thought on “Flow, Routines & The Berkeley Yacht Club

  1. Happy Easter! So good to hear that you had such a good time with friends. Yesterday we put Ron’s 26ft MacGregor sailboat into Lake Camanche for the summer. It’s so close to home, 8 miles. We’re looking forward to spending time on the water and staying overnight often! I love the gentle rocking…puts me into such a restful sleep.

    You are in my prayers daily and in my heart always.

    Love to you and the girls!




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