Ocean SF

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Berkeley, California based OCEAN SF founded with the ambitious purpose of converting the old world order of synthetic fabrics used in outdoor apparel, most specifically dangerous polyester fleece garments, to the latest milling technologies to make fabric that is both technologically advanced and all natural to empower sailors and adventurers around the world.  The company, started as a performance sailing apparel company, states their first principle for founding was performance.  “Nothing performs better than wool when it gets wet.  Synthetics may dry fast, but fail to keep one warm when they get wet, and we felt there was a serious performance gap in the market, not to mention a style one too,” says co-founder Andrew LaCenere, an avid offshore sailor who has relied on the performance of wool over synthetics for years.

The company’s purpose has evolved throughout their initial R&D, however.  Buoyed by a study last summer conducted by Patagonia that showed how washing polyester fleece in a laundry machine is a major source of plastic microfiber pollution, OCEAN SF has set its sights on converting the entire adventure apparel market into something more sustainable and better for, among other things, the world’s oceans.

“The big players in the adventure apparel market now know the risks their garments pose to the natural worlds that they are supposed to help people enjoy, and to us these inconsistencies are completely disqualifying,” says co-founder Sydney Chaney Thomas.

The company has made other efforts to support Ocean preservation, including helping to found the NFP The Trident Project, which focuses on ocean and environmental research and education.

Shop now at oceansf.co.

Contact: Andrew Lacenere @ (510) 833-8649 for Investor Information

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