Finding Your Tribe

Because my daughter is heading off to college, conversations with her spark my own memories of college at Oregon State University. Over lunch the other day, I asked her what her biggest fear was, and she said; not being able to find her people.  I assured her that she would, but they would not look as she expected. I reminded her not to pay too much attention to the packaging of people and look inside to who they really are.  There is no better time in life then this to forge the deep connections that will later become the fabric of your life.  I told her it is important to choose people wisely as they will carry with them all of your memories.

My big sister at Oregon State was a tiny blond half my size. I was her little sister, but seven inches taller.  And my best friend in my Alpha Phi pledge class played on the Oregon State Women’s Basketball team.  We were unlikely companions, as many people know, I am not much for the gym, but to this day, I love them both dearly, and talk to them often.  I am fortunate to have so many friends from college who are still in my life.  The other day, two of my favorite Alpha Phi’s came to my daughter’s graduation party, Patty from Marin and Tonya from Alamo.

Not to mention my best friend Debra, who I met freshman year in the hallway of my Buxton dorm, who has been here so much for me this past year.

One of my favorite people is a college boyfriend of mine that I met my first day on campus the night before rush started.  I remember the exact moment I saw him.  He was standing behind the bar at the Beta house changing the music and wore blue and white checkered Vans.  He had the brownest eyes and the cutest smile with a tiny space between his two front teeth.  When I am in Portland he picks me up from the airport and lends me his car.  When my mother died he called me every single day for months to make sure I was alright.  When my husband died, and I was in Portland for a soccer tournament, he showed up at the hotel and took me to dinner and came to all of my daughter’s games.

As the years go by, I become more and more grateful for my tribe and the love and support they have given me through the years.  Thank heaven for good friends.

Love and blessings.

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